I'm Nicky Ebbage (they/them), a queer, freelance photographer based in Bristol, and working throughout the UK! My photography covers a broad range of genres, but I generally tend to split my time between weddings, portraits, events and live performance (eg. music photography, theatre photography, etc). Above all, I aim to make my photography inclusive, affordable and as natural in style as possible.


It's also really important to me that my clients feel comfortable during our sessions. Despite my brand name, I’m not interested in just taking photos; I’m interested in you, and in creating images that can really represent you as you are.

I love that my work as a photographer brings me into contact with so many different kinds of people; human identity is so rich and varied and, for me, those differences make photography really exciting! I'll happily work with anyone and everyone, although I'm particularly invested in representing the queer/LGBTQ community in my work. As a transgender photographer myself, I really want to ensure that I provide members of the queer community with a safe and empowering space to have their photos taken.

For more information on this aspect of my work, please check out the Bristol Trans Portraits project, a community photo project to promote visibility and education, which I run on a voluntary basis.

What Clients are Saying

Becca and Caitlin Wedding-1503.jpg

"Nicky was our wedding photographer and they did an absolutely amazing job! We had a Zoom call to discuss what we were looking for and make sure we were a good fit, and they included a pre-wedding shoot for us as well. They were so fun and made us feel so comfortable being our sappy, goofy selves in front of the camera.


Nicky took excellent photos of us inside and outside, in all types of lighting and a few different types of weather, and all of the photos came out beautifully! I cannot recommend them enough!!"

—  Caitlin, Wedding Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you choose the name 'Nicky Takes Photos'?

Well, for a start, I'm very literal! But also,"Nicky Ebbage Photography" sounds way too formal for my liking and, honestly? A bit boring! Lastly, I’m not particularly interested in creating a Serious Photography Brand™. I mostly just want to work with like-minded people, and enjoy what I do.

What do you mean by affordable photography?

The world is pretty expensive these days, and I think that sucks. While I need to make a living out of my work, I run standard and reduced rate pricing structures so that those on low-income can still afford professional, empowering photographs. Most importantly: no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Do you only photograph LBGTQ people?

No, of course not - I'll happily photograph anyone and everyone, whatever your gender or sexual orientation! But a lot of my clients happen to come from the LGBTQ community, either through word of mouth, or through them directly searching for a photographer with a queer-friendly ethos.

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