Live Music Photography

I have a broad range of experience in concert photography, covering a number of different musical styles. While my own tastes in music have historically tended more towards the rock and metal side of the scale, working at events has given me a much deeper appreciation for all kinds of music, especially classical, folk and electronic. I love photographing musicians of any kind, and adore photos which show musicians caught up in a moment, or audiences having an amazing time.

I currently serve as one of two house photographers at St George's Bristol, and recent years have found me working at Bristol Folk Festival, The Exchange and Bristol Beacon. On the other side of the scale, I've also worked gigs in a number of Bristol's pubs and cafes, a very cosy gig in a tiny Bath bookshop, and even home performances with an audience of two!​ No venue is out of the question, and I absolutely love the challenge of responding to a new space.

Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, I've also become used to photographing livestreams and gig recordings. I love the opportunity to take behind-the-scenes style photos, which show the process of creating a gig for the screen instead of a live audience. Since August 2020 I have been the official photographer for Open Collab, a monthly improvised poetry and music livestream, which features participants from all over the world!

If you would like to know more about hiring me for a gig, livestream or recording, please get in touch. I quote each event on an individual basis, though please be aware that I do run reduced rate pricing structures for musicians facing financial hardship. If you would like to request a reduced rate, simply let me know when you enquire!

Group/Artist Portraits

In these photo sessions I work with you to create artistic portraits which can be used for press and promotional materials - including Instagram, album covers, website use, posters and leaflets, etc.


I have previously worked with a variety of artists, including a sixties-themed dance group, a group of folk artists requiring promotional material for a virtual festival, and an electronic musician wanting something which incorporated light and shadow. The vibe varies from session to session, and above all I am interested in creating something that represents you and your art.

One of my main priorities when I take portraits is to ensure that my clients feel comfortable. I understand that being in front of a camera can feel anxiety inducing, which is why I take the time to get to know you and help you relax. All my shoots begin with a 30 minute consultation. This gives us the time to get comfortable around each other, will help me understand more about who you are and what you want from your photographs, and also gives you a space to talk through any specific anxieties you might have about being on camera.

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