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For me, photographing theatre and live performance is one of the most exciting elements of my practice as a photographer. It can be challenging work but it's so much fun; I absolutely adore the thrill of connecting with a performance in front of me, and being able to capture the feel of that performance in an image. Live performance has such a unique ability to connect audiences with stories and ideas. I love how immediate theatre feels to me, I love how it can change my perspective or teach me something new, and I love how it makes me feel connected to other human beings.

I have previously worked various well known venues and organisations throughout Bristol. Over the past year I worked with Travelling Light Theatre Company to produce rehearsal shots for their gorgeous children's show "Boing!", along with photographing rehearsals at Bristol Old Vic, performance art at Circomedia, and drag at the Exchange.

With regards to pricing, I quote each live performance on an individual basis, so please get in touch if you would like to hire me for a show or rehearsal.

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