weddings for people who are anti-wedding.

When it comes to formal events I like to take a documentary style approach. I think it's important for me to be unobtrusive so that people can simply get on with enjoying the event. Natural, un-staged photos of people enjoying themselves or lost in the moment are the kinds of events photos I find most interesting and true, so they're the kinds of photos I prefer to take. I like to be able to connect with the space around me so that I can convey authentically how it felt to be there, rather than getting all up in people's business and insisting that they smile. That being said, I am also very familiar with organising groups, so that can definitely be arranged!


I especially enjoy shooting private events which are a little bit off-the wall. One of my favourite weddings I ever photographed took place in a castle, where the day's entertainment was provided by a troupe of medieval reenactors; it was pretty fun watching the bride learn how to wield a sword!



Weddings don’t make up the bulk of what I do as a photographer, but I have plenty of experience with them. I'm very open to photographing unusual weddings - anything that's a little bit different tends to peak my interest! I'm also particularly open to wedding enquiries from LGBT+ and polyamorous folks. As a transgender asexual person in a polyamorous relationship, I love being able to celebrate the happiness of people from my own community – and I especially love getting to tell their stories with my camera. Like with all my photography, I make it my mission to ensure that my clients feel comfortable around me. Whatever your orientation, relationship type or gender identity, I aim to provide a judgement-free zone, so you can be yourself authentically and get on with having the best day possible!


When it comes to weddings and events I prefer to take a natural, documentary-style approach to my photography. My favourite images are those which show people caught up in a moment; laughing, reacting to one another, and simply being themselves. I particularly love to capture the way an event feels; is it busy, crowded and noisy with people all over the place, or does being there feel intimate, like it's your own little bubble universe? Above all at events I like to be unobtrusive, allowing people to get on with enjoying themselves, and allowing myself to create an authentic record of that particular moment in time.

As with all my photography, I like to try and ensure my clients feel comfortable on camera. You won't find me asking people to pose awkwardly for hours at a time, but more giving advice on what to do with their hands if they feel uncomfortable, or even asking a question to elicit a natural response.


I particularly love photographing events and weddings which are a little bit alternative or unusual. One of my favourite weddings to this date featured a troupe of medieval re-enactors as the day's entertainment; it was pretty fun watching the bride learn how to wield a sword! If your idea is a little bit off-the-wall, I guarantee I'm willing to run with it! 




As a non-driver, getting to far-off locations can be a little tricky for me. Depending on where your event is, I may charge extra to cover my travel for the day. If the event is in central Bristol then I am likely to walk (I love a good walk!), and so there would be no extra charge. If the event is somewhere I can’t access very easily by foot – or if the event finishes at a particularly late time – then I may charge extra for the cost of bus fair or a taxi. In all instances I will communicate this extra cost to you at the point of booking.


Natural, documentary-style wedding photography - for alternative or unusual weddings - in the South West including Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Clevedon, Portishead, Wells, Glastonbury, Swindon, Newport, Cardiff.

Nicky Takes Photos is a non-judgmental and affordable photographer; a transgender photographer and a queer photographer, available for lgbt weddings,  gay or same-sex weddings, polyamorous weddings, transgender weddings and portraits.

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