When it comes to formal events I like to take a documentary style approach. I think it's important for me to be unobtrusive so that people can simply get on with enjoying the event. Natural, un-staged photos of people enjoying themselves or lost in the moment are the kinds of events photos I find most interesting and true, so they're the kinds of photos I prefer to take. I like to be able to connect with the space around me so that I can convey authentically how it felt to be there, rather than getting all up in people's business and insisting that they smile. That being said, I am also very familiar with organising groups, so that can definitely be arranged!


I especially enjoy shooting private events which are a little bit off-the wall. One of my favourite weddings I ever photographed took place in a castle, where the day's entertainment was provided by a troupe of medieval reenactors; it was pretty fun watching the bride learn how to wield a sword!



Weddings don’t make up the bulk of what I do as a photographer, but I have plenty of experience with them. I'm very open to photographing unusual weddings - anything that's a little bit different tends to peak my interest! I'm also particularly open to wedding enquiries from LGBT+ and polyamorous folks. As a transgender asexual person in a polyamorous relationship, I love being able to celebrate the happiness of people from my own community – and I especially love getting to tell their stories with my camera. Like with all my photography, I make it my mission to ensure that my clients feel comfortable around me. Whatever your orientation, relationship type or gender identity, I aim to provide a judgement-free zone, so you can be yourself authentically and get on with having the best day possible!

Currently offering all weddings at £350. Always a second shooter! Plenty of experience, professional standard of photos for a low price while I build my portfolio. I've spent years photographing weddings as a second shooter -  that's someone hired by a wedding photographer to capture more images, candid moments and get the photos they might not have time to take. What this means is that I have plenty of professional experience, but none of it under my own name. I'm now looking to add to my own portfolio, and that's where my discounted price comes in!

For £350, you can hire someone with plenty of experience, who will provide photos of a professional standard. I haven't quite cracked it in the industry yet, which is why my price is so low, but my standards will be very high.

Particularly interested in photographing weddings of queer and polyamorous folks. As a transgender photographer in a polyamorous relationship, I make it my mission to ensure that members of my community are given a platform for their photos. I'm very interesting in photographing any and all LGBT weddings, same sex weddings and polyamorous weddings within the Bristol area.


Do you travel? Public transport or foot, so I cover Bristol. In the event that I have to get a taxi, I may charge a little extra for the travel cost but I will state this at the point of booking.

Do you do engagement shoots? Yes, but these are not included in the price of a wedding shoot. At present I charge my standard rates for portraits, which is a Pay What Your Can between £40-£70.

How long will you be around? The £350 deal includes coverage from the ceremony to the first dance - if such details are included! This usually means I arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony begins.

Do you do group shots? Yes, though my preference is for candid photos. I'm happy organising group shots though, though I would recommend 8-10 to ensure that you can get on with enjoying your day.

How will I receive my photos? Digitally. Also a private online viewing gallery

When will I receive my photos? I try to provide all of them within one month. However, I also aim to get a small selection ready to view online the day after your wedding, so you have something for the all-important social media!

How many photos will there be? It's hard to say, though I would estimate around 300.


I'm Nicky Ebbage, or Nicky Takes Photos - a silly name, which I feel gets across my approach to photography: informal and chilled out. It's probably easiest if you just call me Nicky. :)

I'm an affordable non-judgemental photographer based in Bristol, UK. I like to think my photography features a natural, documentary-style look. I love capturing photos of people lost in the moment.

When I was twelve years old, my mum decided to start a photography business. She needed an assistant at events and, naturally, I assumed that role – because putting your own child to work is cheap, you know? Back then, photography was a way for me to earn pocket money, but over the past decade it’s become something of a passion. The camera is so versatile in terms of what it allows me to create; I love exploring what I can do with it, and pushing myself to create new things!


Natural, documentary-style wedding photography - for alternative or unusual weddings - in the South West including Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Clevedon, Portishead, Wells, Glastonbury, Swindon, Newport, Cardiff.

Nicky Takes Photos is a non-judgmental and affordable photographer; a transgender photographer and a queer photographer, available for lgbt weddings,  gay or same-sex weddings, polyamorous weddings, transgender weddings and portraits.

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