When it comes to weddings I prefer to take a natural, documentary-style approach to my photography. My favourite images are those which show people caught up in a moment; laughing, reacting to one another, and simply being themselves. I particularly love to capture the way a wedding feels; is it busy, crowded and noisy with people all over the place, or does being there feel intimate, like it's your own little bubble universe? Above all I like to be unobtrusive, allowing people to get on with enjoying themselves, and ensuring I create an authentic record of that particular moment in time.

Back when I started out in photography, the majority of the weddings I worked at felt incredibly formal and traditional. Now that I'm a little older, I've learnt to recognise those sorts of weddings aren't really my vibe. I especially love small, intimate weddings, because while epic wedding photographs can look amazing, for me it's infinitely more precious to capture those little moments of raw emotion. The nervous-but-exhilarated smile as you slide a ring onto your partner's finger, or the father who can't quite stop crying all throughout the ceremony. I also love weddings which are a little bit alternative, or where the whole party wants to have fun! Some of my favourite wedding moments to date have involved watching one bride learn how to wield a sword, and watching another bride swap out her gorgeous heels for a pair of light-up trainers, so she could run around properly!

I'm especially open to wedding enquiries from queer, LGBTQ and polyamorous folx. As a transgender asexual person in a polyamorous relationship, I love it when I get the opportunity to work with others whose approach to life and relationships goes against the norm! It brings me a lot of joy to be able to celebrate the happiness of other queer people, and to be able to tell their stories with my camera. To that end I'm down to photograph any and all LGBTQ weddings, same-sex weddings and polyamorous weddings within Bristol and the South West. Whatever your orientation, relationship style or gender identity, I will greet you with a smile and a judgement-free attitude, so you can be yourself and get on with having the best day possible!



Approximately 3 hours of coverage, including the ceremony + an hour or so either side

Add a pre-wedding/engagement shoot for £50.


Add a pre-wedding/engagement shoot for £50.


Do you travel? Public transport or foot, so I cover Bristol. In the event that I have to get a taxi, I may charge a little extra for the travel cost but I will state this at the point of booking.

Do you do engagement shoots? Yes, but these are not included in the price of a wedding shoot. At present I charge my standard rates for portraits, which is a Pay What Your Can between £40-£70.

How long will you be around? The £350 deal includes coverage from the ceremony to the first dance - if such details are included! This usually means I arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony begins.

Do you do group shots? Yes, though my preference is for candid photos. I'm happy organising group shots though, though I would recommend 8-10 to ensure that you can get on with enjoying your day.

How will I receive my photos? Digitally. Also a private online viewing gallery

When will I receive my photos? I try to provide all of them within one month. However, I also aim to get a small selection ready to view online the day after your wedding, so you have something for the all-important social media!

How many photos will there be? It's hard to say, though I would estimate around 300.

Natural, documentary-style wedding photography - for alternative or unusual weddings - in the South West including Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Clevedon, Portishead, Wells, Glastonbury, Swindon, Newport, Cardiff.

Nicky Takes Photos is a non-judgmental and affordable photographer; a transgender photographer and a queer photographer, available for lgbt weddings,  gay or same-sex weddings, polyamorous weddings, transgender weddings and portraits.

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