commitment to accessible pricing

I firmly believe that it is my responsibility to make my photography as accessible as possible. I want everyone, regardless of financial status, to be able to access beautiful, empowering portrait photography, or be able to hire a photographer to document those special community events. For this reason, I offer two different pricing structures:

Standard Rate:

Portrait/Headshot: £70

Events: £70 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Reduced Rate:

Portrait/Headshot: £40

Events: £45 per hour (1 hour minimum)


If you are able to afford my standard price, I ask that you please pay it. Being a photographer is expensive, and this pricing helps to support me and keep me afloat – it pays for the cost of running my business (things like equipment, insurance, webhosting, etc.) and also means that I can afford food! :)

However, I fully understand that some folx might not be able to afford my standard rate, which is why I have a second option! If you use my reduced rate, I ask that in exchange you help promote my work however you are able to; eg. re-posting me on social media, leaving me a review, recommending me to others.


If this pricing still seems beyond your means please do get in touch with me. I run my business on the basis that no one should be turned away for lack of funds. Even if the reduced rate is inaccessible to you, there are still options we can discuss!

Nicky Takes Photos is a queer, transgender photographer. Available for lgbtq weddings, gay or same-sex weddings, polyamorous weddings, short weddings under £500, small weddings, professional headshots, family portraits, lgbtq family portraits, community events, public events, and private events in the South West including Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Clevedon, Portishead, Wells, Glastonbury, Swindon, Newport, Cardiff.

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