I have a very broad range of experience when it comes to public events, including talks, arts events and community gatherings. I adore shooting public events because they can be so fast-paced and exciting; being able to react quickly and pick out points of interest is a challenge I relish! My highlight from the past year was photographing the first ever Trans Pride South West march through Bristol. As a member of the trans community this felt really special and empowering for me, and I consider it such a privilege that I was able to capture it on camera. In the past year I've also photographed public art installations, interviews and talks, and Jewish holiday celebrations.

I believe a key aspect to my approach is my documentary-style photography. I think it's important for me to be unobtrusive so that people can simply get on with enjoying the event. Natural, un-staged photos of people enjoying themselves or lost in the moment are the kinds of events photos I find most interesting and true, so they're the kinds of photos I prefer to take. I like to be able to connect with the space around me so that I can convey authentically how it felt to be there, rather than getting all up in people's business and insisting that they smile.

Please get in touch here if you have a public event coming up you would like me to photograph. I operate a flexible pricing structure so that community groups with little to no funding can still request photographs. Please get in touch for a quote!

Music, performance, headshot and portrait photography in Bristol, UK, and the surrounding areas.

Nicky Takes Photos is an inclusive, affordable and friendly photographer; LGBT friendly and polyamory friendly.

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