I have a very broad range of experience when it comes to public events, including talks, arts events and community gatherings. I adore shooting public events because they can be so fast-paced and exciting; being able to react quickly and pick out points of interest is a challenge I relish! I've had the privilege of photographing so many amazing LGBTQ events throughout Bristol, including the first ever Trans Pride South West march in 2019, the Pride Comic Art Festival and the Palace International Film Festival. In the past few years I've also photographed public art installations, interviews and talks.

I believe a key aspect to my approach is my documentary-style photographyMy favourite images are those which show people caught up in a moment; laughing, reacting to one another, and simply being themselves. I like to be able to connect with the space around me so that I can convey authentically how it felt to be there, rather than getting all up in people's business and insisting that they smile. Above all at events I try to be unobtrusive, allowing people to get on with enjoying themselves, and allowing myself to create an authentic record of that particular moment in time.

If you would like to know more about hiring me for an event, please get in touch. I quote each event on an individual basis, depending on how long I am needed for and the specific requirements of the event. Please do also be aware that I run reduced rate pricing structures for small community groups with low budgets. If you would like to request a reduced rate, simply let me know when you enquire!

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