‘Through Your Window’ is a collection of self-isolation stories, told through both the written word and my camera. The project ran for two months, with the aim of documenting life in Bristol during the covid-19 pandemic. I asked anyone interested to submit a written story to me which responded to the question: "How has your life changed since the outbreak of covid-19?" Then, I would go and take that person's photo, either through their window, in their doorway, or somewhere else outside their house which allowed us to be socially distanced.

I started this project after the first clap for the NHS evening. Standing in my window with the rest of my street, I felt such a strong sense of community and solidarity. It was a real morale boost, and it inspired me to think about other ways to bring people together. I really hope that sharing stories in this way can help bring about a sense of community – but if not, perhaps it might just bring someone a smile.

Below you can find the gallery for this project; clicking on an image will allow you to read each person's story and view the photos in full.

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I am still interested in hearing from anyone who is currently underrepresented in the submissions. This includes BAME individuals, LGBTQ folks, disabled folks, anyone experiencing homelessness, and anyone over the age of 60.

If you belong to one of those groups and have a unique story to tell, you can get in touch with me here!

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